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Extended Warranty on MSI PC systems can be purchased from MSI authorized re sellers or through third party warranty service providers. 

If you purchased extended warranty through a third party service provider, please contact your re seller or whomever you purchased the extend warranty directly from. They will provide you instructions on how to submit your warranty support beyond our standard warranty coverage period.

To verify if you have purchased MSI extended warranty, you can check your invoice if any of the below MSI warranty Part No. or reference number were included.

One (1) Year Standard PC systems Warranty Coverage on:
* Gaming Laptop & Desktop PCs
* Business and Productivity Laptop 
* Selected Business Desktop & All in One PCs

Three (3) Year Standard PC systems Warranty Coverage on:
* All Quadro Mobile Workstation PC
* Selected MSI laptop and desktop models 
* Selected Display Monitors
* Motherboards (may exclude some models)
* Graphic Cards  (may exclude some models)

You may purchase extended warranty within 30 days from your original product purchase date by contacting MSI or your authorized re-seller where you purchased the MSI products from within 30 days. Just reference to below part number when contacting us or your re seller.

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